ST PETERSBURG -- A man has been arrested after posting as a teenage girl on the internet and luring several male teenagers into a house and sexually assaulting them, police say.

On June 29, 2017, the St. Petersburg Police Department says D'Andre Banks, 24, posed as a teenaged girl on Facebook and lured a 17-year-old boy into his house near MLK St. S and Paris Ave S. He was armed with a handgun and threatened the boy before sexually assaulting him.

Another incident happened several weeks later on July 17, 2017. Police say Banks posed again as a teen girl and tried to lure a 15-year-old boy to a vacant house, but he was able to escape and he was unharmed.

Banks now faces several charges including two counts of kidnapping and one count of sexual battery with a deadly weapon.

Authorities say they believe there may be more victims. If you have any information, you're asked to call St. Pete Police Department at 893-7780.