A nurse who formerly worked for the Polk County Sheriff's Office is accused of writing fraudulent prescriptions and keeping the drugs, the sheriff's office said.

Jodi Levins, 52, of Winter Haven was charged with 32 counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, six counts of criminal use of personal ID and seven counts of trafficking in Oxycodone.

Levins is an advanced registered nurse practitioner and a former legal assistant for the sheriff's office.

Investigators said after she was fired by a doctor's office, she has been writing fraudulent prescriptions for former patients of hers and then picking up the prescriptions at four local pharmacies "on their behalf" and keeping the drugs for her own use.

Levins was hired by PCSO in 1987 working in telecommunications. She transferred to crime scene in 1988, then transferred to legal affairs in 1998 where she was a legal assistant. She resigned in 2005.

She was taken into custody today at her current place of employment in Lakeland.

The DEA is in the process of revoking her license and DEA number.