SARASOTA COUNTY -- a 48-year-old woman was arrested after deputies say she left her 2-week-old niece at a park with a stranger.

The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office says on Tuesday around around 10 p.m., they were called to the Lockwood Ridge Road Park for reports of an abandoned infant. When they arrived, they spoke with a woman who said the baby was left behind by two women including the infant's great aunt. The woman explained she offered to watch the baby for a few days while the great aunt played softball. Stephanie Fetner, 47, left the child with the woman again and left without contact information. The woman took the baby in fear that the women were too intoxicated to care for the child.

Officials showed up at Fetner's home to interview her and due to her visible intoxication, she was transported to the sheriff's office by the Bradenton Police Department. Through investigation, detectives found out out that Fetner is the infant's primary caregiver and knowingly left the infant in the care of a stranger while drunk.

She was arrested and charged with child neglect. She remains in custody on a $20,000 bond.