Polk County deputies are investigating a triple shooting in Lakeland that they said has left one person dead.

Sheriff Grady Judd said the victim, Jake Castillo, 17, was in a wheelchair because he had been paralyzed in a previous drive-by shooting when he was 11.

Judd said Monday's shooting, which happened around 7:45 p.m., appeared to be gang related. Three people in a Cadillac drove by the residence on Tennessee Road three times before they opened fire.

Castillo was struck in the upper torso. One of the people in the home then grabbed a shotgun and returned fire. The driver and the passenger in the Cadillac were struck, and the three men drove off.

The car went into a ditch. The car's three occupants were taken to Lakeland Regional Medical Center for treatment.

One was taken into custody after being treated, another remains in the hospital, and the third was not injured and taken into custody. Their names have not been released.

The person who shot the people in the car with the shotgun fled the scene. Judd said deputies know who he is, and he advised the person to turn himself in.

"Otherwise, he'll just be tired when we catch him," Judd said.

Also in the home was Castillo's legal guardian, his aunt. She was not hurt.

Judd said in the January 2011 shooting that Jake Castillo was paralyzed, the target was his brother, 19 -year-old Juan Castillo, who was killed.

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