SAN ANTONIO, Texas –- An officer was shot outside the San Antonio Police headquarters building in downtown San Antonio late Sunday morning.

In a press conference Sunday, SAPD Chief William McManus confirmed that Detective Benjamin Marconi, 50, was the officer who was killed during a traffic stop on Sunday.

Marconi was a 20-year veteran of the force.

Authorities responded to the scene at 11:40 a.m. on West Nueva Street and Santa Rosa Street, SAPD Chief William McManus said.

McManus said the officer had pulled over a vehicle outside of the Public Safety Headquarters. While the officer was inside his vehicle writing a ticket, a black vehicle pulled up behind him.

The driver of that vehicle got out, walked up to the officer’s driver-side window and shot the officer in the head, McManus said.

Then the suspect reached into the window and shot the officer a second time, he said.

The suspect then got back in his car and pulled away. Police believe the suspect’s vehicle was a black Toyota or Nissan sedan.

Suspect's car in the murder of SAPD Detective Marconi

Police said the officer was pronounced dead at San Antonio Military Medical Center around 12:30 p.m. Sunday.

McManus said the suspect is a black male around five-foot-seven to six feet in height, wearing a gray sweatshirt and black baggy pants. The suspect also has a beard.

Police said they do not know what the motive for the shooting was but are looking into every possible reason.

Chief McManus said in the press conference that they do not know if there was a connection between the car Marconi stopped and the shooter.

Until further notice, SAPF officers won't conduct traffic stops alone. They must have cover, said McManus in the press conference.

This is a capital murder case.

Crime Stoppers will pay $10,000 cash for information that leads to the identification and location of the suspect(s) responsible. You are asked to call Crime Stoppers at 224-STOP or go to