A man who leads a group trying to shut down illicit massage parlors along Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa has become the victim of vandalism.

Joe Manson, who heads "Clean Up Kennedy," which is pushing for stronger regulations on the businesses, says his tires were slashed Sunday morning, our partners at The Tampa Bay Times say.

He believes the crime was retaliation for his efforts to shut down the parlors, which he believes are dealing in human sex trafficking. The Tampa City Council recently voted to update the ordinance regulating massage parlors.

"Obviously it was an attempt to disrupt or intimidate us," he told The Times. "I'm going to let the police do their job, but from the beginning, we've known the forces we're going up against are criminal in nature.

WTSP has been closely following the Clean Up Kennedy campaign, reporting that two parlors were shut down in July after the group shed light on the issue of trafficking.

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