The city of Rockport has taken a hard hit from Hurricane Harvey, but the full extent of the damage remains unclear. The storm made landfall near Rockport late Friday evening as a category four hurricane, packing sustained winds above 130 miles per hour.

Reports of damage have been trickling in and assessments are expected to ramp up into the morning.

A group of storm chasers who took shelter in Rockport reported one of the walls collapsing at their hotel.

Rockport City Manager Kevin Carruth told KIII 3 News that the roof at a single story senior housing complex collapsed and a number of those people were taken to a makeshift hospital set up at the jail for assessment and treatment. The courthouse in Rockport has also been severely damaged and there are reports of damage at Rockport High School.

A least 10 people have been treated for injuries as of late Friday night.

Carruth said that the historic downtown area has also seen heavy damage. There are reports of damage to vehicles and roofs, but overall, the city is holding up well.

Meanwhile in Corpus Christi, most of the damage includes downed trees and power lines. While most of the buildings in Corpus Christi survived without serious structural damage some, including the Chuck E. Cheese, were not as lucky. It appeared debris had blown out the glass doors and windows of the family-friendly attraction.

The Island in the Son United Methodist Church also sustained heavy damage with the wind appearing to rip off pieces of the roof, leaving metal sheets and other debris in the parking lot.

At the North Beach Radisson, high winds tore down the hotel's awning.

In Rosenberg, police reported downed power lines and poles in the 3300 block of Avenue I.

There have been several reports of trees and power lines down across the city.

Reporters in the Omni Hotel in nearby Corpus Christi reported they could feel the building swaying as Harvey came ashore.

Patrick Rios, the mayor pro tem in Rockport, told KIII-TV of Corpus Christi Friday that Harvey "is a life-threatening storm."

He says those who stay "should make some type of preparation to mark their arm with a Sharpie pen," implying that they should make it easier for rescuers to identify them.

Most locals listened to the warnings but others are staying put, like Ricardo Elizando, who says he's been through four hurricanes before.

Damage was also reported in the neighboring Aranas Pass area. A part of the Harbor Master Building was seen flying away.

Late Friday night, police were responded to a shooting call at a home which they say left one person in serious condition.


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