The owners of five Colorado strip clubs, and those in several other states, face a lawsuit that claims they exploit their workers and force them to pay to work at the clubs.

Attorneys for workers at PT's, Diamond Cabaret, La Boheme, and The Penthouse Club say the businesses don't pay the dancers.

The dancers rely on tips from customers, and in many cases the club requires them to share their tips with bouncers and disc jockeys.

VCG Holding Corporation, which manages the clubs, declined to comment on the suit.

The law firm representing the dancers says it filed for class action status, and the list of plaintiffs is growing.

Full copy of the complaint by 9news on Scribd

"If this weren't an industry that's socially stigmatized, that is shamed, then I think women would be able to stand up and come forward without the kind of judgment as in any other industry,” said attorney Mari Newman.

“And the club owners, who are certainly well funded enough to pay the dancers if they chose to, take advantage of them because they know they can and they know that they will get away with it. But that's going to stop right here and now."

Newman said some dancers end up owing a club money because they don’t make enough during their shift.