TARPON SPRINGS, Fla. -- It was a terrifying scene early Saturday morning as deputies say a man attacked deputies and two women in Pinellas County. One of the women was later found hiding in a bathroom with her -three-year-old child.

It all started just before 4am at an apartment complex in the 1300 block of Pine Ridge Circle East in Tarpon Springs. Investigators say deputies were called out for a person yelling and knocking on doors.

According to deputies, 18-year-old Daniel Morley was bleeding from the head when he began banging on a neighbor’s apartment door. That neighbor, who didn’t know Morley, figured he needed help, so she opened the door. She said Morley was talking about God and the devil, and when the neighbor tried to closer her door, she said Morley wouldn’t let her and eventually attacked.

<p>The door to the apartment shows damage after the home invasion attack.</p>

A woman in another apartment, who also says she doesn’t know Morley, heard what was happening and went outside with a gun. She pointed the gun at Morley and told him to get off her neighbor. That’s when Morley reportedly lunged at her. She fired multiple times, hitting him in the leg.

The door to the apartment shows damage after the home invasion attack.

But deputies say Morley didn’t stop. He went into the apartment of the woman who shot him and attacked her in front of her three-year-old child. The neighbor who Morley is accused of originally attacking then jumped in, giving the other woman and her child an opportunity to go hide in the bathroom.

Deputies arrived and noticed Morley wearing only boxers standing on a second-floor balcony. They say he immediately ran up one floor and into a third-story apartment. Deputies went to that apartment and knocked on the door. They say Morley opened the door and attacked them.

Deputies tried to take Morley down with an electronic control device, but say it had little effect on him. They eventually were able to get handcuffs on him and take him into custody.

Morley was treated at the scene for the gunshot wound to the leg and transported to the hospital. He’s been charged with two counts of Simple Battery, two counts of Burglary with Assault or Battery, one count of Battery on Law Enforcement Officer and three counts of Resisting with Violence.

After being treated for his wounds, Morley was taken to the Pinellas County Jail. Bail was set at $318,500.