GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. -- A dive team doing a routine lake cleanup stumbled upon three large safes at the bottom of Wirth Lake on Thursday afternoon. Police are now investigating the safes' possible connection to a 2014 crime.

The surprising discovery happened while about 20 divers from the Midwest School of Diving were volunteering to clean trash out of the lake.

"Ended up being zero visibility, so everything was done by feel," said Mark Dugger, the diving school's owner. "We collected the usual things that we normally expect—the bicycles, the shoes, the fishing poles...but then we came across some safes."

Dugger says the safes were found at the end of a dock about 13 feet under water.

"You could see where somebody had taken some kind of a torch or something and cut out the back of...the big safe," said Dugger. "The back was actually peeled up, and that actually had another box inside of the safe that had also been broken into."

Hennepin County Water Patrol was called in to investigate. The contents of the safes pointed to Faribault--a city about an hour south of the Twin Cities metro.

"We found some documents of an individual that appeared to live in Faribault—some property titles and descriptions along with what appeared to be financial statements," said Dugger of the paperwork a diver was able to grab through the hole in the safe.

Sheriff's officials say they quickly alerted Faribault Police.

Faribault Police say the safes found in Wirth Lake could possibly be connected to a 2014 burglary in Faribault.
Their investigations unit is working with the Hennepin County Sherrif's Office to look further into how those safes ended up at the bottom of the lake.