SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Details of President Trump’s budget were released last week, One of the elements of the budget cuts funding to a group that some Meals on Wheels groups rely on. Since the proposal was made public, donations for Meals on Wheels have surged.

According to CBS News, on Thursday, the national office of Meals on Wheels saw 50 times the typical amount of daily donations. Volunteer sign-ups also jumped by 500 percent.

The Pretenders Studio in Santa Monica, California, has raised money for the program for the last nine years. This year, the studio put was able to donate a $10,000 check on Friday, thanks to a benefit show done by students.

“It’s a gift for the kids,” said Lisa Gumenick with the Pretenders Studio. “It’s a gift for the parents to know the kids are part of this incredible program making sure that we do our part to take care of our community.”

Meals on Wheels delivers nearly a millions meals a day to the sick and elderly.