BRANDON, Fla. – 10News and Grow Financial staff found themselves literally knee-deep in school supplies Wednesday. Supplies donated by the public and Sam’s Club were piled on the floor of a conference room at Grow Financial headquarters.

But with many volunteer hands working steadily, in a couple of hours the supplies were sorted and ready for boxing.

More volunteers then spent the rest of the day filling boxes with pens, paper, pencils, staples, markers, tissues, sanitizing wipes, backpacks and -- the last item in the box -- a 10News lunch bag.

Next week, watch 10News to see our reports on the school deliveries. We’ll be going to 10 Bay Area schools and providing every classroom teacher with a big box of supplies. You are guaranteed to see a lot of smiling teachers and excited kids!

Thanks to everyone who donated to the 10News Teacher’s Toolbox school supply drive!