It’s Friday, so you know it’s that time of the week where we recognize a different school in Tampa Bay as 10News’ School of the Week powered by Duke Energy Florida. This isn’t just a pep rally, we are headed into the classrooms to showcase the great achievements of the students, faculty and staff. Every Friday we are live from the school campus beginning at 6 a.m. and don’t forget to watch at 6 p.m. as well to catch the highlights from earlier in the day.

We’re happy to announce that our school this week is Venice High School in Sarasota County. Congratulations Indians! This school is one busy campus with a lot of opportunities for their students. Two of the more unique programs are their Engineering and Allied Medical Academy. Both offer academic instruction, hands-on labs, and real world applications. They both have local partnerships helping their programs.

In engineering, students have access to 3D printers, robotics, laser engraver and drafting software. A level 3 student, has the opportunity to be in the ACE mentoring program exposing them to careers in architecture, construction and engineering. Even if they choose not to pursue a career in the field, the students are learning valuable life skills developing a problem-solving mindset, teambuilding strategies and critical thinking.

Similarly, in the medical academy students have the access to patient simulators, EKG machines, equipment to take vital signs and equipment to help the students teach others how to us crutches or walkers. Students in this academy earn certificates in first aid, cpr, emergency medical responder, and EKG technician. The academy prepares them with a medical foundation that can then be used to pursue professions as a physical therapist, physician, nurse, dentist, orthodontist or veterinarian. With what they are learning, many of the students find themselves involved in healthcare internships already in high school.

A popular class on campus is zoology. The instructor f class has been with the school since 1991 and incorporates live animals into the class lecture to reinforce his lessons. He also runs the zoology club which is involved in a wildlife conservation project each year. This year they have raised $1,000 for sea turtle conservation. This club is one of more than 40 they have on campus. Congratulations again to Venice High School, our 10News School of the Week powered by Duke Energy Florida.

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