TAMPA, Fla. - With students preparing to head back to school 10News invited two families, one with a teenager starting his senior year and one with a student child starting kindergarten, to discuss what they are feeling about this up and coming school year.

Jacob Levine, 17, will be a senior at Plant High School, he was joined by his father Michael Levine.

Hugh McCarthy, 5, will be in kindergarten at Roosevelt Elementary, he was joined by his mother Maura.

Sean: What are you feeling?

Jacob: I have mixed feelings, I'm happy to be a senior but it's amazing the time went by this quickly. I remember being in kindergarten, in Miss Adam’s class ... it's hard to believe I'm already a senior and this is it my last year of school.

Sean: Getting ready for (Jacobs) senior year, what is that like for you?

Michael: It's kind of surreal because time has gone by so fast, and savor the moments because it really goes by so fast. It seems like just yesterday we were at Jacob's preschool graduation, and now in a year we're gonna be getting ready for his high school graduation.

Sean: What are you looking forward to in this next year?

Maura: Hugh is a very curious kid and so I'm just really looking forward to seeing that curiosity grow, and seeing what direction he goes in, or how many different directions he goes in, to me that's the most exciting part.

Sean: What are you nervous about?

Maura: I'm nervous about the car line, the drop-off line but I know he will do great.

Sean: Do you remember feeling similar things?

Michael: I do and it's funny that she's nervous about the car line because now I'm nervous about Jacob driving in the car line. But there's so much apprehension in so many things you're not sure of and it's hard to leave your kid for the very first time but you trust the school system you trust their teachers and it all works out it really does.

Sean: What advice would you give a family getting ready for kindergarten?

Michael: I would say be an active, involved parent. Maybe not too involved because you wouldn't want to drive the teacher crazy buy but active. You want to know the style of the teacher, the kind of things that go on in the classroom, the kind of homework assignments they give so that you can help your child, (but) don't do his work for him. There will be times you'll be tempted to, but a 5-year-old's project is supposed to look like a 5-year-old's project, not a masterpiece.

Sean: It seems like you have a lot of the same concerns.

Michael: You know in a lot of ways yes, the age is different but the feelings are still the same because with kids, they just go through different life stages, but you still have the same kind of things that you may work through. The first day, whether it's the first day of kindergarten or the first day of high school or college, it's still the first day. Even with a job, you still have the beginnings and the openings and things like that.

Sean: How fast does it go?

Michael: It goes by in the blink of an eye. It really does.