LAKELAND, Fla. - The truck is full of Teacher's Toolboxes, and team Finnerty and Fernandez is on the job.

Wednesday’s trip to Lakeland is Rob and Jackie's very first Teacher’s Toolbox delivery. They're pretty excited and so is Cleo Johnson's fourth-grade classroom.

All the donated school supplies are definitely a hit.

“I can use them for homework and share with my classmates,” explains 10-year-old Gabriel Carillo.

“You guys do so much and so much of your own money is spent on supplies — how are you feeling right now?” Jackie asked Johnson.

“Excitement, grateful, I’m so thankful — appreciative!” Johnson responded.

In Julie Mattera's kindergarten class, the box produced a screaming scramble.

Five-year-old Sebastian Garcia may be missing his front teeth, but he’s not missing out on school tools.

“The scissors — I really want to keep it and the sharpener!” he said with a giant smile.

And forget about all the supplies -- in this class, the box alone is fun; one giggling boy curled himself up inside it.

10News likes to make everyone happy with Teacher's Toolboxes, and today we also helped preserve some marital bliss.

Quite by coincidence, we delivered boxes to Jesse Keen Elementary, where Joe Griffin is principal, and to Oscar J. Pope Elementary, where Griffin’s wife Carol is principal.

In Keyshonna Kemp’s third-grade classroom, a drum roll added to the excitement as the box was opened.

“My teacher heart is really excited and it’s kind of like Christmas in August for us right now,” said Kemp.

But who needs pencil boxes when you have Frederick King’s hair? His classmates counted to 20 as the 10-year-old shoved pencils into his brown curls.

“I’m Mr. Pencil Man,” he exclaimed.

In Tiffany Gerstler's classroom, they may lack supplies, but there’s no shortage of cool blowup chairs. Katie McCall got all comfy with the Caped Crusader.

“Darkness crawled across the morning sky like a giant bat from a nightmare,” she read aloud from a Batman book.

The 10News team left Polk County with tons of thank you notes and very full hearts.

“Thank you!” the kids shouted—each one holding their hands in the shape of a heart.