Personal computers will be tax-free during the state’s back-to-school sales tax holiday.

Last year, computers were not included in the tax-free weekend.

This year’s tax-free weekend starts at 12:01 a.m. Friday, Aug. 4 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 6.

The following items will be tax exempt:

$15 or less: Most school supplies

$60 or less: Clothing, footwear and accessories

$750 or less: Personal computers, computer-related accessories

This sales tax holiday does not apply to:

• Any item of clothing selling for more than $60

• Any school supply item selling for more than $15

• Books that are not otherwise exempt

• Personal computers and computer-related accessories purchased for commercial purposes

• Rentals or leases of any eligible items

• Repairs or alterations of any eligible items

• Sales of any eligible items in a theme park, entertainment complex, public lodging establishment, or airport.

Click here for more information on the specific items included in the sales tax holiday.

Go to the Florida Department of Revenue’s website for more information.