SARASOTA, Fla. - Fourth-grade teacher Mauriek Robison came up with a fun way for his Emma E. Booker Elementary School students to learn writing elements in preparation for an upcoming standardized test.

He decided to re-write a song by rap artist Future and call it "Let's Write It."

Robison says making this music video was a way to excite the kids about the writing process.They took part of the test Tuesday, and Robison says the music video along with other instruction helped them with the test.

"You talk about stress, you talk about pressure. ... (Tuesday) with the students that I tested, I didn't see any of that. And what that told me was along with resources like some of the instruction they have been getting from all four teachers (helping them with the standardized test), they were prepared."

Student, Kanyliah Thomas said "I found that inspirational because I really like rap music and I love writing."

Classmate Kimora Lewis said "You can use some of the parts of the song for the essay."

Here is the full video: