As students start to hit the books, one of the hardest jobs for teachers is finding new ways to keep students engaged and interested in learning.

Spoto High School history teacher Michael Mars figured the best way to get students interested is to show them where they and their families fit into world events. He wants to have students do a simple DNA test to send off, to find out what parts of the world they come from.

Mars decided to do this after assigning a family tree project last year, and seeing how hard it was for many of his students.

"Our African American students would get to the late 1800s and get to a dead end because of the whole issue with the civil war and slavery,” Mars said. “Other students would have no knowledge of their grandparents."

This idea costs money. To test all his students, it'll cost about $7,000.

Mars hopes to raise the money through a GoFundMe account.

If Mars doesn't get enough to test all the students, then he says he will use it as a reward for students who are excelling in his class.