The blue lockers and Cherry Creek High School have turned shades of pink, green and orange. They're covered in neon post-its.

But look closer. The hallways are brighter, not because of neon colors, but because of the words scribbled onto them.

"Human. Kind. Be both."

"You are valued."

"I'm glad you are here."

"Love wins."

"You are special."

"Right after the election happened, we noticed there was some tension --frustration around the school," one of the students told us.

He came up with the idea with a friend, and a group of freshmen decided they would join in too. They needed four people to write the notes and five people to hang them on more than 900 lockers in the school's East building.

"There's love in the world and we wanted to show them that it's there."

The boy's mom bought the notes at Office Depot the day before they were scattered all over the school.

"The atmosphere that day was a lot more loving and kind," he said. "I noticed a sense of camaraderie."

The students asked to remain anonymous, in case they decide to do this again.