ALAMANCE COUNTY, NC -- Students at Sylvan Elementary School in Alamance County are learning sign language to help a hearing impaired classmate feel more included!

One of the students, a 2nd grader named Jordan, is deaf.

Jordan’s classmates felt bad and didn't want him to be left out.

So, his teacher started a sign language class so he could feel more included and the other kids could learn to speak his language.

Kids like fifth grader Autumn James say they’re having fun and it feels good to make others feel appreciated and welcomed.

"I think it makes him feel like he's part of the group and not left out. If there's somebody who is different, they shouldn't be left out of a group just because they're different,” said James. “They should be included."

The class meets every Thursday after school.

It started with kids learning their ABCs and numbers and now they're on to greetings and feelings.

They've gotten so good at it, the students actually communicate using sign language as they pass each other in the halls!

The students are about to start the 6th week of the first 10 week session.

The first class was so popular, the school had to add another one!

Currently there are 40 kids who are participating in the first session and about 45 signed up for the spring.