ST. PETERSBURG. Fla. -- A welcome sign greeted us Tuesday morning, as we rolled into Sawgrass Elementary and Mark Rivera and Allison Kropff got right to work unloading Teacher’s Toolboxes.

When we took a box to Karris Cooper’s classroom, Allison knew how to work the third-grade crowd.

“How much do you like surprises?” she asked.

“100”, some of them shouted back, which I guess is a pretty high number.

And the big box of surprise supplies will indeed come in handy. “Well, since I got some crayons, I can color with them and I can draw,” eight-year-old Ava Lewison told us.

When Mark Rivera hands out supplies in Jeanne Barr’s classroom, the joy of it hits pretty close to home.

“Both of my parents are teachers,” he explains. “So, I know when we bring these supplies and all of the people who have taken the time and the money to donate--it makes a huge difference.”

After a big “Thank you 10 News” from the Sawgrass kids, it was on to Bear Creek Elementary, where Reg Roundtree and Courtney Robinson teamed up to tackle the toolboxes.

“I work with strong female anchors,” Reg remarked with a laugh while unloading the truck with Courtney.

But Reg and Courtney weren't the stars in Cathy Starr's classroom—it was the big box of supplies that got all the oohs and aahs. And gold stars must go to the young authors of a booklet given to Courtney brimming with thank yous.

Our final stop of the day was a classroom filled with enthusiastic fourth-graders.

“How are you doing?” asked Reg as he entered the room.

“Good!” they all shouted back.

And with a big box dump, Reg pumped up the volume. “Look at all of this!” he exclaimed as the supplies spread out over a table top.

However, just before leaving, he gathered the kids around him and whispered something. And then on Reg’s signal, the class shouted: “Reg is the best!”

Reg might just deserve a detention.