SARASOTA, Fla. - The Nightside Team, Katie McCall and Carolina Leid got a little taste of Brightside today. They were up early to unload Teacher’s Toolboxes.

“If we did this every day, we’d be in amazing shape,” Katie said while handing Carolina a box.

Teachers and students at Brentwood Elementary in Sarasota were excited to see their Teacher’s Toolbox, diving in to grab items. And in the end, everyone got to something to hold.

“Oh, it just fills my heart with joy, because it shows me that other people are caring about your children’s education,” said second-grade teacher Nicole Dente.

“Hello, everyone. How are you?” Carolina asked a first-grade classroom. “Good!” the kids responded.

Well, good was just about to get great, as kids got a glimpse inside the box.

The Teacher’s Toolbox delivers supplies and also a message of support.

“As an educator, I’m overwhelmed, I’m speechless, because the generosity shown in this classroom today—look at their faces,” first-grade teacher Stacy Lenz told us.

And every day teachers change lives. Just ask six-year-old Dainier Garcia. He loves school. “Because we get to learn a lot of English. I only knew a little bit of English, but now I like English better,” he says gesturing with his hand.

Even so, at 10News we still love to hear “Gracias” shouted by the students.

At Samoset Elementary in Bradenton, Courtney Curtis delivered the goods.

“What is it? What is it?” Courtney and the children chanted as a teacher opened the box. And all the supplies help pave the road to school success.

“It’s very important because I want to get high grades, so I can actually go to college and from there get a job and career,” 9-year-old Keilany Ramos said while holding a roll of paper towels and a box of pens. “Can paper towels and pens help you do that?” I asked. “Yes!” she replied.

The boxes hold just about everything a classroom would need.

“A lot of our own money is spent giving them the tools that they need--so this is amazing!”, Kindergarten teacher Shannon Gilmer told us. “Thank you so much!”

No—thank you! Thank you, teachers, for what you do every day. And thanks for sharing with us a few, precious moments with your kids!

Courtney found out just how loving they can be. She was smothered by hugs before she could leave the classroom.

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