New U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta is impressed with college students in the Bay area.

Acosta visited Florida Polytechnic University on Friday to discuss STEM jobs and the skills gap in the United States.

During his tour, a few students got to show off projects they're working. He tested out a virtual reality headset that can recreate crime scenes. He also talked to students about technology they're developing to repel mosquitoes using sound frequencies.

Acosta said STEM skills are in demand right now, and it's important that colleges focus on teaching them.

“The students here are already working with industry on real projects that impact modern-day America, and when they graduate, they're going to have jobs waiting for them,” he said.

Acosta has stressed the importance of apprenticeships since he was named Labor secretary in April. He said people who have apprenticeships make more money when they start working compared even to college-educated employees.