TAMPA, Fla. -- You ever look at something and think how did they come up with that and who thought of it?

Well, it might be the brainchild of a student or professor at the University of South Florida.

“We have made this part of our DNA,” said Dr. Paul Sanberg, senior vice president for research, innovation and economic development at USF.

New rankings have placed USF in the top 10 with the amount of patents granted for new inventions -- putting students, faculty and staff in the national spotlight.

“By having such high ranking it also brings recognition to the institution both for patents and the number of licenses,” said Valerie McDevitt, USF associate vice president for technology transfer and business partnerships

At the school, students and professors come up with ideas, use their labs to bring them to life, then work to get the product out in the market.

“We have inventions from marine science and water through medicine to the arts and dancing,” Sanberg said.

One USF invention is called the Mtip. They restructured the tips of crutches to make them more stable and easier to control. The product can be found online.

In 2015, 90 patents were granted to the school. This year, USF has already acquired 105.

“We have a couple products on the market now that people can purchase. One is a product that’s a dietary supplement to improve performance and exercise,” McDevitt said.

The product is called Keto Nutrition.

“There’s a USF product on the market that’s a liquid bandage and it’s available at Publix as well as a number of the Whole Foods-type stores.”

That product was created by a company named KeriCure.

USF also aids in business startups. Through their competitive small business development center, they focus on marketing, finances and how to become incorporated.

Even Sanberg has come up with an invention, which shows school pride. It’s called the BullWaver and attaches to your vehicle’s back windshield wiper.

“My wife inspired that. She was in her car one day and I was behind her and she said hi with her windshield wiper in the back,” he said.