The latest IOS update from Apple may have presented many users with challenges like battery drain, device overheating, frozen apps, and who could forget the embarrassment of that “A” with a symbol appearing in texts when you really typed "I" but it could also save your life.

One feature that didn't quite get the respect it deserved is the "Emergency SOS" feature released with the first update.

The feature is intended to be used in emergency situations and allows the user to enter a special lock screen by rapidly clicking the lock key five times in a row.

Once on the special lock screen, the user can elect to swipe right on "SOS" to automatically call.

In order to check out the Emergency SOS feature, you can open the Settings app on your iPhone, tap Emergency SOS in the menu list, toggle the auto call switch on, and toggle the countdown sound on or off depending on whether you want to trigger a three-second warning sound that you're about to call emergency services.

LINK: Apple's Emergency SOS feature

According to Apple, you can also add emergency contacts and medical ID information to the lock screen, making it easily accessible in a dire situation.