Stephen Colbert is trying to read between the lines of President Trump's recent remarks about White House press secretary Sean Spicer -- and he doesn't like what he's hearing.

The "Late Show" host has one impassioned message for the president: Please don't fire Spicer, as Colbert will miss the press secretary's "veiled anger and condescension" if he were to go.

"Sarah Huckabee Sanders is OK, but she doesn't have that certain je n'sais what?" Colbert offered.

Colbert's concern came from a recent interview with president gave in which he furthered the idea of canceling daily press briefings, instead holding press conferences himself every two weeks. That part of the idea, at least, the "Late Show" host was fine with.

"Oh sir, please don't do your own press conferences," Colbert said sarcastically. "They're always such fountains of eloquence and bastions of dignity. What would we make jokes about the next day?"

And if Spicer does have to go?

"Luckily that time Sean spent in the bushes will come in handy next week when he's working at Home Depot," Colbert joked.