WAYCROSS, Ga. - Its population is 15,000, but its concerns are far more in number.

For years Waycross residents have been looking for a cause to the number of childhood cancers in their community. They believe it is environmental, but have yet to make the connection.

Now famed environmental activist Erin Brockovich wants to help.

"I'm excited," said Nihla Griffin.

Griffin, a cancer survivor and Waycross resident, said she reached out to Brockovich a few years ago and was surprised to learn of her newly found interest.

"I think at that time we did not have enough evidence," said Griffin. "Everything was speculation."

But since then the community has seen an increase in the number of childhood cancer cases. "The numbers are unusually high," she said, "the state knows it is high."

In the past six years, eight children have died from cancer.

"I went through cancer and I know how hard it is," she said, "I can't imagine how hard it is for parents seeing their children suffer." Griffin hopes Brockovich's involvement will get some answers. "This is something we want," she said.

The Brockovich team confirmed her involvement. "We are looking into the situation," the team said via email.

Residents are urged to go to her Facebook page and click on this link to fill out a survey. The survey is being used to map and track the cases and the affected areas.

"It is time to help out community," said Griffin," go online and fill out the survey. It is private."

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