People in Oregon and across the country are trying to come to grips with yet another mass shooting.

Since 2006, there have been more than 200 mass killings in the United States, according to a USA Today study.

In this latest shooting, ten people were killed, including the gunman, and several others injured at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

While it's difficult to know why or when mass shootings occur, law enforcement officials and security experts believe there are things you can do to minimize the potential of more deaths in a mass shooting.

Following the Louisiana theater shooting in July, local security expert, Craig Gundry of Critical Intervention Services, said it's important to always be aware when going somewhere.

"Where is the nearest exit to me? If I did have to leave a movie theater, what would I have to do? By at least thinking about these very simple questions in advance, when an event does happen, you at least have some kind of course of action in mind already."

St. Petersburg Police Detective Rodney Towers held a workshop on how to respond to emergencies and active shooters. He believes having a plan before an incident occurs is the best way to improve your safety.

He spoke on a method called ADD: avoid, deny, defend.

Avoid refers to knowing your exits before a serious situation occurs. If something does happen, leave immediately and call 911.

Deny refers to how to act if you hear something happening. Lock the doors, turn off the lights and try to remain out of sight of the door. You can also barricade the entrance or try to rope it off.

Lastly, defend refers to taking action against the shooter or person involved in an altercation. He recommends positioning yourself to attack if necessary, grab the gun/weapon and try to fight to the best of your ability.

The FBI also has information on what to do if you are faced with an active shooter: