MINNEAPOLIS - A Twin Cities family went from worried to frustrated with United Airlines after their puppy spent 24 hours on flights that zig-zagged the country.

"This is Bo," said Kris Patrow-Ogle, who showed off a cell phone photo of the dog she was waiting for at MSP on Thursday. "He's an 8-week-old Airedale puppy and he's coming to me from North Carolina."

Patrow-Ogle lost her dog Max, another Airedale Terrier, 13 years ago and didn't rush to replace him because she had a young family.

"I've been waiting 13 years to get another one and we finally found Mr. Right," she said.

But when the entire family showed up to greet Bo on Wednesday, they slowly began to realize something was wrong.

"After two hours of waiting they came out and said, 'He's not here," Patrow-Ogle said.

United Airlines PetSafe Program flew Bo and another dog from Raleigh to Chicago for connecting flights, but sent the wrong dog to Minnesota.

"The crates were marked, our dogs were really different, we had an Airbill and still they sent the dogs to the wrong cities," Patrow-Ogle said.

United flew Bo to Philadelphia, and that's when the family's frustration really began to take off.

"We said, 'Can't you just fly him directly?'" Patrow-Ogle said. "'No,' they said."

Instead, Bo went on a trip that took him through Houston before finally making his final flight to Minneapolis nearly 24 hours later than planned. By the time his plane touched down, United had reimbursed the flight but only begun to smooth things over.

"They asked me, 'So you've been contacted?' And I said, 'No, nobody has contacted us," Patrow Ogle said. “I just wish that they would have helped us find out the problem sooner and reassured us that he was going to be OK.”

Bo's arrival did come with an apology, and the family is now simply happy to have their newest member home.

"I wish it wasn't such a hard journey, for us and for him, but he's here," Patrow-Ogle said.

Though he had to stay overnight, United Airlines did have a kennel for Bo to exercise and eat during his long 3,600+ journey.