An Arizona family is mourning their 12-year-old daughter after she died in what they call “a horrible accident” on Saturday.

The Kents say that their community has come together to show nothing but love and support since Madie died.

“I miss her so much,” Tiffany Kent said. “Nothing in this world could ever replace her.”

The family is heartbroken after last weekend took an unexpected and tragic turn.

“Something happened and we don’t. she hit her head. And she ended up… getting strangled in what was under her bed,” said Kent.

She says her daughter was alone in her room getting ready, when the family noticed she was taking longer than usual.

They found her dead on the floor of the room.

“By the time we got to her it was too late. We tried. God, we tried,” Kent said.

Her parents, Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies, the fire department and the hospital all did their best, but nothing could save Madie.

“They are amazing people and they tried so hard for us to help our angel,” said Kent.

She wants everyone to remember her oldest daughter’s free, joyful and sweet spirit. A 12-year-old who loved mermaids, the outdoors and her family.

“She was just all around amazing. Everything. Honestly. I knew how lucky I was to have her. That God blessed me with her,” Kent said.

There is a GoFundMe page set up for Madie’s family, if you’d like to help.