A fan who fell a great distance at Sports Authority Field at Mile High following Monday's Houston Texans-Denver Broncos game has died.

The fan's name was not released by Denver Health Medical Center spokesperson Kelli Christensen, who cited patient privacy guidelines.

Christensen said she didn’t have the details on how far the fan fell. The Associated Press reported early Tuesday morning that the fan fell from 30 to 50 feet at the north end of the stadium after the Broncos secured a 27-9 victory over the Houston Texans.

The fan was taken to Denver Health Medical Center, where he died Tuesday of his injuries. The medical's examiner's office told USA TODAY Sports more information would be forthcoming.

Prior to the announcement of the fan's death, the Broncos released a statement noting "we are in the process of learning more about this incident from the Denver Police Department’s investigation."

A spokesperson for the Denver police didn’t have any more details about the accident when contacted by USA TODAY Sports.