SANIBEL, Fla. -- A Florida fisherman has quite the tale to tell, after reeling in a 500-point shark, and getting a visit from our vice president!

Elliot Sudal was in a kayak on a fishing expedition Wednesday at around 8:30am in Sanibel when he got a bite.  At first, he says he didn’t know what it was, but whatever it was put up a huge fight!

Elliot says he battled it for three hours without getting anywhere, so he had a friend help him get back to shore.

A few more hours went by and Elliot was still fighting.  As he was on the beach trying to reel the monster in, a couple Secret Service agents walked up to search his bags.  They temporarily took his filet knives and told him why.  Apparently, Vice President Mike Pence showed up with his family to watch the fight!

The fight went on for a few more hours, and he finally reeled in the 13-foot smalltooth sawfish, which is listed as critically endangered.  It was tagged and released and went on its way.

According to Elliot, it took more than 11 hours to reel in the 500-pound fish.  He says his hands were covered in blisters and he could barely walk.  But what an experience – it was the catch of a lifetime and he had quite the audience looking on.