TAMPA, Fla. (WTSP) - It's no secret that Florida will be a critical battleground state in the presidential election on November 8th. Because of that, hackers have their eyes on Florida. The FBI has confirmed that there was an attempted attack on the state’s voting system and held an emergency conference call with all of the state's county election supervisors about the attempted hack.

According to Hillsborough County’s Elections Supervisor, part of what's protecting Florida's voting system is the fact the state still has some low-tech backups in place that can't be tampered with online.

"We've got that paper ballot that we're able to re-create that precinct or whatever the situation was so that we can produce the appropriate result,” said Craig Latimer. “My election server cannot be connected to the internet or to my intranet in any way, shape or form. It's a total stand-alone server with no connection to the outside world."

While Florida has some measures in place to defend its voting systems, other battleground states are not as prepared. A recent study identified Pennsylvania as particularly vulnerable to online attacks.

Florida’s system, however, does not mean state election officers won’t keep a close eye on the cybersecurity threat. They're keeping in contact with the FBI in an effort to stay on top of any potential online attacks like ones that have already been detected in other states.