Columbia, SC (WLTX) - The ashes of a beloved Gamecock fan are making it to the Final Four game, like he would have wanted, thanks to his closest friends.

Six months ago Ray Carci passed away. His daughter, Adrienne, gave some of the ashes to his closest friends and asked them to come up with a special way to honor him.

Ray played ball for the Maryland Terrapins, loved basketball and didn't miss a Gamecock home game last season. His friends say he was a huge fan of Frank Martin but what he loved most was serving the athletes of the Special Olympics. 

Honoring his daughter's request, some of his fellow Main Street Rotarians and BDC Members decided to put his ashes inside a terrapin turtle necklace chain and wear it to the Final Four game. 

So far, Paul Henson says they're bringing them a lot of luck, "so far so good we were able to make our connection early and as we were coming down all the traffic it was almost like the traffic parted like the red sea" he said.

Henson explained Ray as someone who had a way of making everyone feel special and a smile that lit up everyone who came across him. 

After the games are over friend Craig Giles says the turtles are coming home to his daughter, Adrienne and his girlfriend, Denise.