TAMPA, Fla. -- Come holiday travel time, the lines are already long enough. The delays frustrating at the airport.

That's why airport officials - and your fellow passengers - would like nothing more than for you to familiarize yourself with some brand new rules being issued by the TSA.

Starting today, any electronic device bigger than your cell phone, needs to be taken out of your carry-on and placed in a separate bin.

That means stuff like iPads and e-readers not just laptop computers.

In addition to that? Food items also have to be checked separately. All because terrorists are apparently trying to hide explosives in that too.

It's all part of an ever growing list that can delay already frustrated flyers. Removing belts and shoes. Coats and jackets. Clear packaging for fluids. Emptying pockets of anything metallic.

And as long as it might seem to do all of that it could take even longer if you don't.

Not removing those items ahead of time could subject you to additional or enhanced screening.

If you're frequent flyer it may be another reason to check out TSA pre-check. $85 for a five year membership gets you through security without having to remove electronics, belts shoes or jackets.

But perhaps more importantly, not having to wait for everyone else in front of you - to do the same.