Monday brought a lot of video evidence into the hot car death trial. Jurors were shown various clips from Harris arriving to the Home Depot Treehouse that day, to him being questioned by investigators after the death of his son.

A significant moment that took place in the courtroom Monday was when the prosecution showed videos of detectives making the trip from the Chick-fil- A Harris went to that morning to his job and Cooper’s daycare center. The trips proved to be under three minutes.

A few other key moments that took place occurred while Harris was being interrogated. Harris told investigators that he had just recently watched a video of the effects of leaving animals in a hot car. Stoddard read Harris’ words from a transcript which stated, "I watched that (the online video), and that would be terrible if my son was in the car".

Investigators also claim Harris’ interrogation began to raise eyebrows as he began arguing legal points and using legal terminology while trying to convince investigators of his innocence. This prompted them to record him again, which they showed to the jury.

Jurors were also shown video of Harris taking Cooper to daycare the day before he died of hypothermia in his father’s SUV.

Ross Harris faces a number of charges, including malice murder and felony murder in the June 2014 death of his young son, Cooper. The 22-month-old was found in the backseat of Harris' SUV. Harris argues the incident was a tragic accident

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