Get out the bug spray. A national group of bug experts says Florida might be in for more mosquitoes and termites than usual due to a mild winter and some heavy rains.

The report by the National Pest Management Association said the "Southeast was atypically warm and moist in the winter months, even into the night when temperatures are supposed to drop. States hit with heavy rainfall may see mosquito populations emerge earlier in the spring than previous years. The rain will also provide ideal conditions for subterranean termites."

According to Hillsborough County Mosquito Control, residents need to make sure there are no mosquito breeding grounds near their home:

Rain gutters. Keep clear of leaves and other debris.

Low areas. Do not over water lawns or gardens.

Fountains and bird baths. Clean or hose out weekly.

Potted plant saucers. Don't over water. Flush out saucers with a hose or drill holes in the bottom to allow for better drainage.

Water bowls for pets. Rinse and fill with fresh water 1 to 2 times a week.

Leaky hoses. Replace damaged hoses and fix leaky faucets and pipes.

Containers: Store containers upside down, cover or place in a sheltered area.

Pools and spas. Maintain even when not in use.

Rot holes in trees. Be aware that water can collect in rot holes, crotches and dead tree stumps.

Ponds. Stock ornamental ponds with mosquitofish. Keep ponds free and clear of excess vegetation.
Boats. Cover with a tight-fitting tarp.

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