Tampa Bay area kids head back to school over the next couple of weeks.

Parents are getting making last minute preparations, but as they go down that checklist of school supplies and clothes, immunizations can be easy to forget.

All public school kids are required be immunized and the school will need documentation.

The Florida Department of Health in Hillsborough County is offering walk-in service free to students who need those shots before the first day of school.

Who needs to check to make sure?

Students entering kindergarten, to make sure they have all the required vaccinations. Seventh-grade students need a booster shot.

Some colleges also require certain vaccinations. Those vaccines are for several things like tetanus, pertussis, polio, Hepatitis B and even chicken pox.

"The health department is really here to catch those children who are newly entering into Hillsborough County from out of state or out of country so they can get their shot records in the Florida system,” said Florida Department of Health immunization program manager Jylmarie Lewis. “If the parent does not have a pediatrician, then we are here to help those children as well."

Lewis works for the department in Hillsborough County.

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