TAMPA, Fla. -- It's just 10 days into the new year, how are you doing with those resolutions? You know the ones... to be healthier and get in shape?

There are so many diets and workouts and what works for one person might not work for another. Dexafit Tampa uses science and technology in an effort to know exactly what's best for you.

With a series of scanners, monitors and computers, your body composition has never been more detailed.

Heather Allsup is a fitness analyst with Dexafit: "We take the guesswork out of everything. We show you what your body is burning, how your composition stands and how your heart is working."

Dexafit is not a gym or a diet food service. It's a testing facility.

"You're going to walk out of here knowing exactly what your body is requiring, so that way you can work better with your personal trainer, you can work better yourself in the gym if you're self disciplined," Allsup.

"You can work with a nutritionist."

B.J. Dihigo first used the dexascan last year when she started her fitness journey.

"I got excited about it. I saw the picture, the first one, and I put it on my phone as my screensaver and I was motivated and determined," she said.

In 60 days, the results were dramatic: 35 pounds and 10 percent body fat gone. Mia Lanz is Dihig's fitness life coach. She encourages all of her clients to go through the testing.

"This tells you how to do it the healthy way and it tells you how to keep track of it versus looking on a scale," Lanz said. "Most people will stop a diet plan, stop an exercise plan based on the number on the scale."

For Dihigo, it's a whole new ball game.

"I'm able to workout and do workouts that I was never able to do before," she said. "I also joined a basketball league and I can run up and down the court with these girls who are like 21 years old and I'm about to be 35 so I feel pretty good about that."

Dihigo has a whole new lifestyle now that includes diet, exercise and scans.

Allsup sums it up: "This basically helps you work smarter, not harder," she said.

While Dexafit does not accept health insurance, you can use a health savings account or flexible spending plan to pay for the testing.

Click here to find out more about Dexafit.

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