TAMPA, Fla. (WTSP) – A new study has found a hormonal male birth control shot to be over 98 percent effective in preventing pregnancy, which is similar to other birth control methods available for men. But effectiveness, it turns out, is just one part of the equation when it comes to male birth control.

The study also found the method was highly correlated with mild to moderate mood disorders, which touched a nerve with both men and women.

“I saw some of the complaints come through from the men saying they were sore and they’re a little bit moody and I thought it was a little bit interesting because that’s kind of what we experience on a monthly basis,” said Sara Hylas. “But I think it would be a great alternative instead of all the pressure to be on the woman to take birth control pills or the NuvaRing or have an IUD, to have a second option would be great.”

“That makes me feel great that women don’t have to get an IUD or a patch and gain 20 pounds just by taking birth control,” added Lashon Brice. “Let the men carry the weight for a little while.”

“Things have been steadily getting more equal between men and women for the past few decades,” said Dr. Katie Schubert, certified sex therapist and Professor of Sociology at the University of Tampa. “Things are getting better and I think this is evidence of that. I think that men are finally being asked to be more responsible about family planning and being more engaged in that discussion.”

Dr. Schubert says male birth control has different issues associated with its use than birth control for women.

“Women don’t trust men to take it and men say they don’t want to be charged with that responsibility but the data show that they do,” said Dr. Schubert, adding that 66% of men would be willing to take a pill form of birth control.