We all know Florida's hot, rainy temperatures can provide great breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

And that increases the risk of mosquito-borne diseases.

After last year's outbreak of Zika made its way to Florida, Metropolitan Ministries has been taking steps to help the homeless community prevent the spread of the virus.

For the second year, the organization is offering Mosquito Kits to the homeless.

"Oh that will help me out a lot because when I do sit outside, I put the bug spray on and you know if it gets too much I'll put the mosquito net over me, sit outside and drink my tea," says Jeff Keal.

A kit includes mosquito spray, mosquito nets, and standing water tablets.

While there's been a decline in Zika cases...the organization says the homeless community still needs protection from mosquitoes.

If you want more information on the kits or to find out how you can help...you can call (813) 209-1199.