Lithia, Florida – Three mothers are throwing all of their efforts into helping their children, the medical marijuana ballot measure, and those seeking guidance.

"I think we all have something in common that we never imaged… that we have a sick child," said Renee Petro.

Petro, along with Moriah Barnhart and Jacel Delgadillo have formed a group called CannaMoms -- a play off the word cannabis -- with a very serious effort to campaign for the legalization of medical marijuana.

Petro's son suffers from what's called Febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome (FIRES) and Delgadillo's son suffer from Dravet syndrome, which ravages his body daily with seizures.

Barnhart, who is from Brandon, moved to Colorado several months ago to get her daughter medical marijuana following draining cancer treatments. But now she plans to move back to Florida so that her daughter Dahlia can be around family and friends, while still giving her daughter medical marijuana legally.

"We have learned that there are several people in the State of Florida already growing and using cannabis," said Barnhart.

Under a 1991 Florida First District Court of Appeals ruling, those suffering from debilitating illnesses in which there is no safer alternative, then medical marijuana can be cultivated and used for treatment.

Barnhart is working with a lawyer right now to make a case for her daughter's "medical necessity" claim.

Her case will be watched closely by fellow CannaMom Jacel Delgadillo, whose son suffers from Dravet Syndrome. Now on the last available new treatment for the illness, Delgadillo is moving to Colorado to see treatment for her son.

"I've seen so much progress in other children. I feel that my son should have that chance," she said.

Delgadillo admits that she would rather treat her son in Florida where he can be close to family. If Barnhart's case is successfully, then she will move back.

All three women say their experiences are what the CannaMoms is all about: the regular exchange of information that can help each other and other parents who want to seek them out for information.