Someone you know may be living with Alzheimer's, the disease that causes memory loss, is incurable, and is deadly.

But now a local study is hoping to slow the devastating progression that impacts thousands of Floridians.

Meridien Research in Tampa is enrolling patients in a nation-wide effort. It's testing the benefits of an investigational medicine for people suffering from mild to moderate Alzheimer's Disease.

There hasn't been a new FDA-approved drug for Alzheimer's in the past dozen years. Doctors hope the study drug will help stimulate brain cells, and improve patient's lives.

"The Idea with this medication is that it may be neuro-protective. So that the neurons that are naturally dying in the process of Alzheimer's disease survive longer," says Meridien Research neurologist Dr. Cynthia Huffman.

The treatment time for the study is about 14 months. To participate, you must be between 55 to 85 years old, diagnosed with Alzheimer's, and using a prescribed drug for at least six months.

To learn more about the study, other restrictions and how to enroll, click here to visit the NOBLE Study website.