NEW PORT RICHEY, Fla. -- Brenda Shaffer takes medication every day for a seizure disorder. She tried the generic brand but it didn't work for her, so now she's stuck paying $600 a month just to live her life.

Shaffer was one of dozens who reached out on the 10News WTSP Facebook page to share their stories, and one of thousands of Americans struggling to make it because of crippling drug prices.

"I've tried everything else. I've tried talking to my doctor, I've tried talking to the pharmacies, it seems like there's no leeway with the pharmacies,” said Shaffer. “It's $1700 for a three-month supply if you have insurance, if you don't, it's $1000 a month."

"I can't imagine, there are people that can't even come up with money for their groceries, how are they going to be able to take their medication?” she added. "I don't even think this is about politics, this is about greed for the drug companies. They can get this, so they do."


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