A new product created in a "desperate attempt to avoid using condoms" involves men using a sticker to seal their urethras shut during sex.

The product, named "Jiftip", is a sticker that covers the urethra during sex, and is touted as a way to “Feel your partner, Feel Freedom, Feel Safe.”

Except it's not exactly safe.

While Jiftip may sound like a dream come true for those who don't like the way condoms feel during sex, many health professionals warn there is no evidence the product is effective in preventing STDs or pregnancy.

Jamin Brahmbhatt, a physician with Orlando Health, said users who visit Jiftip's website also have to dig to find the company's disclaimer that the product is "not intended or approved to prevent pregnancy or STI's." Whoops.

And the product's disclaimer gets even more alarming in the frequently asked question section:

"BUT WHAT ABOUT HERPES, HPV?" the company asks. "Jiftip only protects pleasure and convenience, not STI's or pregnancy." Bottom line: You're on your own, friends.

Brahmbhatt notes that the entire marketing campaign around the product is alarming.

“Consumers often get caught up in the hype and forget risk,” Brahmbhatt said. “Even in the product’s disclaimer, it says it will not prevent pregnancy or STDs, which is the only reason people wear condoms in the first place.”

The website notes that Jiftip, which comes in a three pack for $6, should only be used with the pull-out method, and that it's not recommended to ejaculate with the patch on during sex.

Brahmbhatt notes that those who do leave the patch on when they ejaculate may experience pain or irritation from the patch blocking the urethra while the man has "natural spasms that evacuate all the fluid." It's also possible that the adhesive could be an irritant for some with sensitive skin.

He said for those who are worried about STDs or pregnancy, the bottom line is condoms are the safest option.

"Condoms are tried and tested," he said. "They are an effective form of birth control and control against STDs. Condoms are not the enemy."

USA TODAY has reached out to Jiftip for comment.