Face it, you should have bought the "Modern Nativity" before it was featured on CBS, HuffPo and the Tampa Bay Times.

Those early adopters, looking much like the bearded tight khaki-wearing Joseph and yoga casual Mary taking a selfie with with Baby Jesus, got their hipster-themed nativity before you.

Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus pose for a selfie.

But being late on the joke hasn't stopped consumers for playing catch up and buying the $130 set, complete with Segway-riding Wise Men bearing gifts and ironic facial hair.

The Three Wise Men have updated their transportation options. No word if they took an Uber to Bethlehem first.

The Times reports that there is a limit of three, so don't go crazy all at once ordering them. You don't want to appear too eager, right?

Not that anyone is really paying attention anyway. Even the shepherd cannot bear the miracle taking place as whatever Netflix TV show has his attention instead.

The shepherd isn't concerned with miracles. Maybe cat videos.