LAKELAND, Fla. (WTSP) -- After such a divisive election, when so many people are feeling dejected and hurt, we wanted to know, “How do we heal?”

10News WTSP asked Waite Willis, a Methodist minister and chair of the religion and philosophy department at Florida Southern College, that question.

“That's a good question, because there's hard feelings on both sides,” he said. “I wish we could come together and each side recognize the legitimacy of the issues and the hurts that both sides are feeling and work together on all of it.”

Willis explained why it’s important to love one another, even when you might be angry.

“God loves us even though we're not worthy, and we're called to share that love with others, even when we don't think they're worthy,” he said.

10News also asked Muslim Imam Mohammad Cooper how we heal. He explained his congregation is fearful, especially for their kids.

“It's time for Muslims to put a bandage over this wound. With what? Kindness,” he explained. “I think we all, Christians, Muslims, whatever, we should do what Jesus said. Love thy neighbor.”