Don’t you hate it when you get in line and wait your turn only for someone to slide in front of you?

It’s even worse behind the wheel because line cutting, frequent lane changes and cutting people off can lead to crashes.

A driver in Connecticut’s dash camera shows the moment he decided to skip a couple dozen vehicles and slide in front while exiting a freeway in Hartford. The problem is there was an alert trooper near the front of the line that witnessed the whole thing. She stopped, got out of her patrol vehicle and pointed for the offending driver to pull over.

When he pulled over, he asked "what's up?" and she informed him that he can’t cross the solid white line. That’s where the video cuts off.

Maybe the driver got a ticket? Maybe he got a warning? Or maybe a judge ordered him to upload the video of his offense – because somehow this moment ended up online for us to all enjoy and get a lesson out of: