Tampa, Florida -- A major computer breach at Tampa International Airport may be fixed, but the fallout continues.

Another top executive has resigned. 10Investigates first uncovered the problem earlier this year.

During our investigation, 10News found a computer expert hired by the Aviation Authority shared his private login information with unauthorized people, leading to a major breach.

And even though the airport is trying to downplay the seriousness of the computer breach, its own internal investigation found there were several unauthorized login from foreign countries.

The newest development, information security director Aaron Markell just resigned.

Documents obtained by 10Investigates shows Markell is the one who told a security manager he could no longer trust him after raising concerns about the breach.

Markell was on administrative leave while he was being invested for purchases he made with public money. He decided to resign before that investigation was completed.

Markell's boss, the head of IT, resigned earlier this year after the computer breach came to light. The state is continuing a criminal investigation into the incident.

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