TAMPA, Florida - Following 10Investigates' story on safety recalls going unchecked on taxicab, Uber, and Lyft vehicles across the country, the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission (PTC) will discuss adding a recall scan to its mandatory taxicab inspection process.

PTC Executive Director Kyle Cockream tells 10Investigates he will ask to add the issue to the agency's next board meeting, on December 13.

10Investigates found 1-in-5 taxicabs in Tampa had outstanding safety recalls, ranging from the benign to potentially catastrophic.

"Make no mistake about it," Cockream said, "we need to be working with those companies to get those vehicles either satisfied with to the recall, or removed from the road."

Six weeks after 10Investigates provided Tampa's largest taxicab company, Yellow Cab, with the list of its outstanding recalls, the company claimed every one had been repaired. However, according to NHTSA, only half of the recalls were fixed. Yellow Cab was unable to provide any documentation to back up their claim that all had been fixed.

Neither Uber nor Lyft requires drivers to get recalls fixed before driving passengers either, but after 10Investigates contacted Uber, the ride-sharing company sent a notice to drivers nationwide, reminding them to check their vehicles for outstanding recalls.

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